DataGardens Named as Top ICT Start–Up –– January, 2010

DataGardens has been selected to present at the 2010 Canadian Financing Forum West as one of the top ICT start-ups in Western Canada. DataGardens will be presenting as part of the Information Technology stream during the Forum, which will be held in January 2010.

The Canadian Financing Forum matches North American Corporate and venture capital investors with entrepreneurs building world-class technology companies. The Forum is a well-respected resources for investors who seek to establish partnerships with promising technology entrepreneurs and companies, such as DataGardens.

Approximately thirty-five companies present at the Canadian Financing Forum each year, with past presenters having raised over $1.25 million. DataGardens is honored to have been selected to present at the Forum as a top ICT start-up.

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DataGardens Honored with People’s Choice Award –– October, 2009

DataGardens took home ‘People’s Choice’ honors for a cloud services demonstration it presented as part of the Cloud Challenge event during Summit 09. As one of five participants in the Cloud Challenge, DataGardens demonstrated its unique capability to migrate live virtual servers halfway around the world on a 10 Mbps link.

“The reason this demonstration has generated such excitement is that it helps usher in a new era of cloud computing, where IT services are completely abstracted from the physical infrastructure on which they reside,” says Geoff Hayward, DataGardens” President and CEO.

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DataGardens Named Start-Up of the Year at Virtualization Congress –– May, 2009

DataGardens has been selected as the 2009 Start-Up of the Year at the prestigious Virtualization Congress held in Las Vegas. Six start-up firms were selected to compete at the Virtualization Congress, presenting their new products to potential customers, partners, resellers, industry analysts, investors and the media.

“DataGardens was honored to be selected as Start-Up of the Year among these top companies, and its innovation was rewarded with a one-year advertising opportunity with

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DataGardens Selected as one of Canada’s Top 10™ –– September, 2009

DataGardens has been selected as a 2009 winner of the annual Canada’s Top 10™ Competition. Along with winners in other categories, DataGardens will participate in targeted investment forums in Boston, New York City, San Diego and San Francisco, providing an opportunity to meet with Venture Capital investors.

Reg Joseph, DataGardens’ Vice President of Finance and Operations notes that, “DataGardens is honored to be selected as one of Canada’s Top 10™ Competition winners and delighted to be representing Edmonton in the technology category. Canada’s Top 10™ provides us a fantastic opportunity to highlight our unique solution to the investment community.”

Canada’s Top 10™ is organized by the Ottawa Center for Research and Innovation and winners are chosen by an independent expert panel of Canadian and U.S. venture capitalists. Since 1999, competition alumni have secured more than $522M in venture capital financing.

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DataGardens Wins Fast Growth Award at VenturePrize Awards –– May, 2008

DataGardens took home the top prize at TEC Edmonton’s VenturePrize Awards in 2008. The finalists were selected from more than 75 peers who went through a process of interviews, and written and oral presentations. In the end, DataGardens was selected as winner of the Fast Growth Award, bringing with it $150,000 in cash and services.

The VenturePrize competition is hosted annually by TEC Edmonton, an Edmonton-based business service provider focused on helping local businesses transform technologies into business opportunities.

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