Disaster Protection

Dedicated Site to Public Cloud

Traditional IT disaster recovery is frustratingly expensive because it requires a dedicated recovery site.

SafeHaven® changes all this. An enterprise can simply provision a virtual data center within a selected multi-tenant cloud and install SafeHaven® to protect its production data center. A huge benefit is that the capital and operating costs for the recovery site are now shared across a large subscriber base. Further, SafeHaven® can keep recovery resources in the cloud parked (i.e., powered off with no memory or CPU reserved) until or unless a disaster occurs. This further reduces costs for the enterprise.

Meanwhile, it only takes a few minutes to recover IT systems in the cloud. When used for recovery of private data centers in the public cloud, SafeHaven® provides automated inter-site migration, failover, failback, rollback, and live recovery testing, all with support for group consistency and scripted recovery plans.

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