Our customers benefit through comprehensive, low-cost protection of their critical production IT systems.


DataGardens patented software suite, SafeHaven®, protects IT systems and ensures sustained business operations through costly disasters, power outages, software and hardware system failures, and more.

SafeHaven® can help you avoid the enormous expense of IT downtime by evacuating critical IT systems even before disasters occur. In cases of human or software failures that result in data corruption, you can roll back affected servers to the instant before the failure occurred. Unlike many traditional disaster recovery solutions which only provide valuable service in the event of a disaster, SafeHaven® can also be used to perform controlled migration or consolidation of IT systems to a remote data center.

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SaveHaven®: Private Cloud Recovery SaveHaven®: Public Cloud Recovery SaveHaven® for CenturyLink Cloud


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Fails-over groups of IT systems or entire data centers to a selected checkpoint in the protection site.
Migration / Evacuation
Migrates the selected resources to a remote site without data loss and with active processes still running. Resources can be migrated back to the original site as needed.
Restores selected IT systems or an entire data center back to the original production site after a disruption event has been resolved.
Restores groups of IT systems to a mutually consistent checkpoint in either the production or protection site. User can specify a custom bring-up sequence and recovery plan for each group.
User can test and modify custom recovery/migration plans without affecting the primary systems in the production data center.
SafeHaven® automatically detects failure conditions and sends e-mail alerts to selected administrators. Also, SafeHaven®, sends a weekly report on the health of disaster recovery system as well as projected RTOs and RPOs.


  • Protection for both physical and virtual servers
  • Support for multiple hypervisors
  • Protects private data centers in private, public, or hybrid clouds
  • No need for a Storage Area Network in either the production site or the protection site
  • No need for external storage replication arrays or homogeneous storage across sites
  • Protection at multiple levels: individual computing resources, groups of IT systems, and entire data centers
  • Pro-active evacuation of IT systems before failures occur and rapid recovery afterward
  • Lossless fail-back to the production site after disruptive conditions are resolved
  • Continuous Data Protection (CDP) with rollback to any of up to 2048 checkpoints
  • Detection and diagnosis of failure conditions

DataGardens SafeHaven® provides the most comprehensive disaster recovery solution on the market today. The products supports a broad set of use cases including:

  • Protection of private data centers in dedicated, public, and hybrid clouds
  • Cloud-to-cloud disaster protection
  • Both physical and virtual servers
  • Coupled systems involving groups of VMs and data volumes
  • Full run book automation
  • Multiple hypervisors and cloud platforms
  • Thousands of organizations per cloud
  • Up to 64 physical and virtual data centers per organization
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