Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Dedicated Cloud

Despite all the advantages of IaaS, some businesses are still reluctant to run core IT services on an external cloud. Sometimes the concern are over security in the cloud. Other times it is about reliability of service in a multi-tenant environment which may suffer from resource over-commitment. Nevertheless, precisely because these businesses are so risk adverse, they are often eager to rely on an external cloud during a disaster scenario.

For these businesses, SafeHaven® DRaaS with recovery in a dedicated cloud is the perfect solution. A business can run production IT systems in its own data center during normal operations, but still rely on an external cloud provider when disasters and other major disruption events occur.

SafeHaven® DRaaS can be purchased either as a self-managed or fully managed service. In either case, DataGardens offers cloud providers and their subscribers 24 X 7 software support.

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