Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Multi-tenant Cloud

DRaaS is one of the fastest growing applications for the multi-tenant cloud.

The biggest use case is protecting private data centers. While most companies feel an intense need to ensure continuous availability of their core IT applications, rarely do they have either the budget or the expertise to do provision their own dedicated disaster protection. So, although many CIOs still prefer to host Tier-1 applications internally, they are eager to have these applications to move into the cloud when disasters or other major disruption events occur.

Another major use case is protecting IT systems that already operate in the cloud. In fact, ensuring that subscriber applications will be available even if a particular cloud data center is not, is a pressing concern for all cloud subscribers.

SafeHaven is the best foundation available to cloud providers today for a comprehensive DRaaS offering. SafeHaven can protect both physical and virtual IT systems and can support multiple hypervisors and cloud platforms. SafeHaven is a low-cost, feature-rich software-only solution that is highly automated, storage system agnostic, and non-disruptive to install.

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