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from Tunde Giwa:
This turned out to be a great advertisement for the DataGardens SafeHaven software, We were able to recover within minutes of identifying our disruption event. Working with DataGardens, we then failed back operations from our disaster recovery site in NJ to our primary site in NYC
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from Patrick Mann:
Apart from the primary objective of increasing utilization and decreasing bandwidth consumption, we needed to find a way to protect business processes—both our customers’ and our own—across all of our sites.
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from Chris Ardagh:
One of the most exciting benefits of the DataGardens solution, is that we can protect not just computational infrastructure but live business processes as well. We can migrate servers and data volumes between subnets with workload still running. When we do so, clients are automatically redirected to the migrated servers in the target subnet
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from Peter Dartnell:
Before they can buy into the paradigm of paperless document management, our customers need confidence that their digital information is protected from potential loss due to human or IT system failure. Almost as important as avoiding loss of data, is avoiding loss of data access. We want to provide our customers with a guarantee of 99.999% data access. In practice, this means we can tolerate no more than five minutes of downtime per year
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