Managed Recovery Services

Today, few businesses can function for more than a few hours without access to their IT applications and associated data. Meanwhile the cost of conventional IT disaster recovery is very high. In fact, the cost of provisioning and operating a dedicated data center for disaster recovery frequently outweighs the cost of the IT downtime itself.

For these reasons an increasing number of CIOs are considering cloud-based Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). The idea is to contract for a fully managed disaster protection service in a remote cloud, complete with SLA guarantees and low recovery times, all at a low overall cost.

DataGardens Managed Recovery Services build on the powerful foundation of the SafeHaven® software system and the IaaS offerings of premiere cloud providers. Most frequently, SafeHaven® is configured to protect private data centers with virtual private data centers (VPDCs) within dedicated or multi-tenant clouds. The SafeHaven® system deploys a virtual appliance called a SafeHaven® Replication Node (SRN) to replicate changes between the private enterprise and the cloud.

SafeHaven® cloud-based DRaaS offers a broad range of options. Businesses can protect individual servers and data volumes, groups of IT systems, or entire data centers. SafeHaven® Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) are typically no more than a few minutes. Meanwhile, Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) are configurable. In many cases, failover to the cloud can be achieved without any data loss at all.

While SafeHaven® DRaaS includes a simple to use management interface for self service, many enterprise users prefer to subscribe to a fully managed recovery service. DataGardens offers five core Managed Recovery Services:

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is about much more than restoring IT infrastructure. The key is to restore your critical IT applications to productive operation as soon as possible.

Our experts work with you to develop infrastructure and application recovery time requirements. Then, for each critical IT service, we help map application dependencies and develop a plan to restore the service to full operation within the cloud with minimal downtime and data loss.

No recovery plan is effective unless you have confidence in it. For this reason, we can also help develop plans for disaster recovery testing. A good test plan should be non-disruptive to your production operations while evaluating recovery in the cloud under realistic emulated workloads. Only in this way are you in a position to assess whether failover services in the cloud meet your performance requirements.

Recovery Operations

Once the DRP is developed, the next step is to effect protection. Our experts provision a remote virtual private data center with a selected cloud provider, then install and configure a SafeHaven® software system that maintains the requisite level of disaster protection for your production data center. The system will be configured to accommodate your requirements for RPO and RTO. Also, we select policies for reserving resources in the cloud that best match your requirements for minimum recovery performance.

Guided by your DRP, our team will then initiate replication of your critical IT systems into the remote virtual private data center. This replication will ensure point-in-time consistency for groups of servers and data volumes that may have subtle mutual dependencies and strict requirements for bring-up ordering.

As your needs for disaster protection evolve, our team will initiate new replication relationships and de-commission others that are no longer needed.


Continuous monitoring of protected IT services is one of the most important elements of disaster recovery management. Our team leverages an array of software tools to monitor continuously the health of your production data center, your recovery data center within the cloud, and your inter-site replication systems. When failures or disruption events are detected, we provide automated alerts to IT administrators registered in the DRP call tree. In effect, we provide a form of “Reverse 911”: we call you when emergencies arise.

Incident Response

When disasters happen, the DataGardens incident response team is responsible to restore IT services as soon as possible. Possible incident responses include:

  • Lossless migration between data centers
  • Failover to the recovery data center
  • Failback to the original production data center
  • Rollback to any one of up to 2048 checkpoints
Audit and Compliance

In order to ensure you can actually achieve your recovery objectives and in order to minimize the risk of DRP failure caused by the inevitable evolution of IT systems over time, it is vital that your DRP be tested regularly. DataGardens test service options include:

  • Non-disruptive audits of infrastructure and application recovery plans
  • Review and modification of recovery test plans
  • Recovery plan gap analysis
  • Weekly disaster protection reporting with RPO and RTO estimates

When you opt for fully managed recovery services from DataGardens, you can leverage the best cloud-based disaster recovery solution on the market today, while avoiding having to implement, manage, and test it yourself. You can rely on our team of experts to do the heavy lifting. Meanwhile, you remain in the driver’s seat to validate that you have the disaster protection that you actually need.

You benefit through:

  • An on-demand resource consumption model
  • A flat fee for comprehensive 24 X 7 recovery services
  • An enforceable Service Level Agreement
  • Low recovery times
  • Free system updates
  • Automatic failure detection
  • Continuous data protection
  • Non-disruptive failover testing
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